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Pastoral Care for Sick and Dying

The face of each person who suffers is a face of Christ.  One of the deepest causes of suffering experienced by those whom sickness or aging afflicts is a sense of isolation from the faith community.  Because we are members of the Body of Christ, it is Christ who is present to us in our suffering.  Pastoral Care members at St. Peter’s are a sign of the community’s presence, bringing the Sacraments of Eucharist, as well as comfort, presence, and prayer to members who are unable to participate because of illness or aging. They are a living witnesses that the community of faith has not forgotten the absent sick, the invisible elderly, and the unseen sufferers.  Their presence draws them into conscious communion with the whole Body of Christ so that they may experience that as “a community of disciples” no one is alone.


Ministry Work at St. Peter’s:


Pastoral Care Members are trained as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist and Pastoral Visitors. Eucharistic Ministers visit homes, hospitals, and nursing homes, uniting the homebound to the other members of the Church, through the body of Christ. Pastoral Visitors provide prayer and fellowship.  


This Ministry also sponsors the Book of the Sick located at the back of the Church, and provides coordination assistance to the Priest for Masses for the Annointing of the Sick, which have been held every 3 months, during alternating Mass times. 


If you would like to be involved in this very important ministry, please contact the office and ask to speak with Elodia Tarango.


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